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02. Mai 2018 - Kerio Connect Update 9.2.6 Patch 1

Hosted Kerio Connect

Offizielle Release Infos:

Kerio Connect

+ Support for Exchange ActiveSync 16
+ ActiveSync 16: Syncing the Drafts Folder
+ ActiveSync 16: Calendar Attachments
- The delete button is not available in Context menu of WebMail
- ActiveSync Calendar event deleted from webmail remains on iOS device
- ActiveSync Fails to parse request from iPhone when the location is given
- Events created from WebMail are not getting synchronized to Calendar application on certain setup
- Kerio Connect Sync app on Android does not Sync in a certain configuration
- Wrong Timezone detected for (UTC +01:00) on Windows
- Send to Mail recipient from Windows Explorer context menu does not work
- Kerio Connect Account Assistant hang on Mac OS X High Sierra (10.13)
- Emails containing images with a link to another URL is opened incorrectly (MacOS)
- Slow HTTP POST vulnerability
- XSS Vulnerability
- AV fails to scan when it detects a special character
- Telephone number fields are not properly synced from AD for GAL Contacts
- High Reference Count - EWS Error in Log
- PDF attachments are converted to .bin for some emails
- Crash in Apple Mail after receiving an error message from Kerio Connect
- Bayes is not able to re-learn the message
- Kerio Connect: Email Search by Number - Size in search box not correctly displayed
- Kerio Connect: Email Search by Number - Time in search box not correctly displayed
- Kerio Connect vCard does not escape the semicolon in phone numbers
- Windows 10 Calendar Event not displaying in WebMail
- AntiSpam SMTP greeting delay doesn't apply to Secure SMTP
- Sub-folder in Sent Folder displays Emails Sender Address in Kerio Connect Client
- Process crash after a timeout when stopping busy service
- IM: Long incoming message is not scrolling on top
- Unable to select any font style other than Aerial and Default
- REsponses from attendees are not removed from CalInbox when an event is changed
- Domain name in Connect can't contain multiple dashes in sequence
- Click on desktop notification should not change the position of New messages marker
- Default avatar changes after updating contact and refreshing
- Error after moving lots of contacts between two folders
- Drag and drop email from "to" to "email body" is buggy
- Shrink inline images to the viewport
- Default timezone set according to the browser, not server settings
- Spell checker: It's not possible to fix words that are in front of a special character
- It's possible to remove the last user with admin rights
- Updated Boost to improve html2plain conversion
- Issue when uploading filename with invalid characters in the name
- Strange character in webmail causes email not to be displayed
- General fixes and improvements
- Kerio Connect Account Assistant hang on Mac OS X Sierra (10.13)
- Error when dismissing reminders in Chrome 64
- Several timezones are detected incorrectly by Connect Server
- Kero Connect Crashing after upgrade to 9.2.6