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02. April 2017 - Kerio Connect Update 9.2.2

Hosted Kerio Connect

Offizielle Release Infos:

Kerio Connect

* Sophos Antivirus was replaced with Kerio Antivirus which is based on the Bitdefender antivirus engine.
* Performance of IMAP Auto-Expunge was improved.
* The server on Mac OS X waits some period of time until a volume where is a message store located is mounted.
* Java Runtime Environment was upgraded to version 8u121.
* Login pages use relative redirect to application allowing to use HTTP proxy with https->http translation.
* The domain rename reliability was improved.
- Fixed problem that some folders cannot be deleted using Microsoft Outlook 2013 and IMAP protocol.
- Shared folders were not unsubscribed in IMAP after unsharing.
- Testing maximum size of outgoing messages didn't work properly in the distributed domain.
- Message filters no longer append extra header if an input data for a header modification are not correct.
- Some S/MIME signed messages sent using Exchange ActiveSync were modified by Kerio Connect.
- Related messages were not grouped together on BlackBerry 10 devices connected by Exchange ActiveSync.
- Full-text store can be created now on a virtual disk or empty partition and ignores default system folders.
- Fixed problem with read-only exceptions of recurrent events in Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2016.
- Fixed issue with incorrect encoding of PDF attachments in Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2016.
- Sendmail utility now uses server FQDN instead of a hostname as an alternative sender email domain.
- POP3 download sorting rules could incorrectly match some custom email headers (eg. Received-SPF).
! Exchange ActiveSync: Rename and move operations are not allowed anymore for shared and public folders.
- Kerio Active Directory Extensions (KADE) installer failed to run on Microsoft Windows 10 even if Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) are installed.
- Fixed Quota notification reports when affected user has no full name.
- XMPP service did not sync user details after server default certificate change.
- Fixed possible duplication of CardDAV groups.
- Fixed password change notification on macOS with shared CardDAV accounts.
- Fixed shared calendar rights when removing through Kerio Outlook Connector.
- Fixed time zone offset issues.
- Fixed Jabber service status in Administration services view.
- Opening property databases could fail when Data Deduplication is enabled on Microsoft Windows Server.
- Fixed few stability issues.

Kerio Connect Client application for Mac and Windows

- Attachment with national or special characters in the name could not be sent from Microsoft Word or Microsoft Windows file explorer.
- Some HTML links were opened directly in Kerio Connect Client application instead of the default web browser.
- Fixed a problem with the system registry update during the installation/uninstallation on Microsoft Windows.
- Keyboard navigation did not work properly in the contact list.
- Some name characters of downloaded files are incorrectly encoded.

Kerio Connect Client

+ User can now use email addresses also for domain aliases.
+ Upload progress can be aborted now.
* Email addresses that include multiple hyphens in domain name pass validation in new email composer.
* Fixed displaying of read email as unread in Trash.
* Email attachments added with drag&drop preserve their file names.
* Calendar search shows events in visible calendars only.
- Download all attachments can fail if a connection was established via Apache proxy server.
- Contact avatars were not displayed in a contact group.
- Fixed "Display images" in an email body for Safari 6.X and 7.0.X.
- Fixed error message when printing calendar with 2 repeating events starting at midnight.

Kerio Outlook Connector

+ Added possibility to work with "Send Notification" filtering rule containing custom Subject.
* Spam action used in mapped folder moves message to a private Junk Email folder.
* Not Spam action used in mapped folder moves message to a private Inbox folder.
- Fixed incorrectly displayed start/end time of all-day events created on iOS devices.
- Fixed crash when updating start/end time of recurrent events with exceptions.
- Items in mapped calendar marked as private no more prevent sending calendar detail by email.
- Name of items in mapped calendar marked as private is correctly translated.
- Work with profile configuration when authenticating to Kerio Connect is much faster now.
- Weekly events with frequency of every 2 weeks (or less) are no more displayed one-week shifted.